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Monday, November 22, 2010

Disco Noël (Mirror Image) - Jingle Bells

Oh my, this could not be more disco if we strapped on some rollerskates and all wore sequin cocktail dresses.  Mirror Image released a fabulous disco Christmas album in 1979 titled Disco Noël, but they hid their band name in tiny, tiny print on the bottom of the album in tiny print.  And the umlaut. (ALT + 0235 in case you're wondering)  Was it really necessary?  Only if it were post-WWII Nazi propaganda!  Thanks a lot, Pickwick Records.

Disco Noel, Christmas Disco Songs LP

Smart move!  This album reeks of glitter, Bartles & James, and cocaine, but I did pick it up used at a garage sale so who knows!  If your Christmas party will have one, or even all three of those things, you gotta add it to your Christmas playlist.  This album PROOVES that 1979 was the nadir of American music.

Visit Here to Download:
Jingle Bells and Silver Bells

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