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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Salsoul Orchestra - There's Someone Who's Knocking

Welcome to Spiked Eggnog!  Here's the deal: I'm sick and tired of hearing the same Mariah Carey versions of our favorite holiday music.  Does she even know what month it is?  She's certifiably batshit crazy!  Remember when Eminem had that diss track about her and it was all gross and detailed about his performance issues?

Anyway, here's the first song I'd like to introduce to you.  LOOK AT THE ALBUM COVER!!!111

I bet that chick was in a bikini and then the Salsoul Record Company in Philly was all like, "Dat's too sexy for 1976.  Let's paint a green and white onesie on dis broad and write DANCE YOUR ASS OFF on the back, but don't proofreads it or nothin'.  Yeah, Iggles colors!  Let's celebrate hittin' the 50 album sales mark down at Tony Luke's or Jim's, but DEFINITELY not Pat's or Gino's cuz that craps fa tourists and shit." 

The Salsoul Orchestra's "There's Someone Who's Knocking" sounds like it belongs on some pseudo-Disney singalong video, but you've never heard it and it's from the Golden Age of music: The 1970's!  I bet one of these guys in the and ended up doing something very, very successful.  I never win bets though.

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